Small Art: meet Emily Gastineau

I officially met Emily last year, when she was performing a dance solo in the window of Patrick’s Cabaret. I love that’s she’s always experimenting with her work, reading, and taking in new things. When there’s a Twin Cities modern dance event, I can always guess that she’s involved in some way. This year she’s been performing a series of solos in various living rooms around town. Totally fitting that she’s a part of Small Art– I’m so excited to see what she’s sharing!

What’s inspiring/exciting you these days?  

Collaboration (I am not always excited by this), Spangbergianism, Hewitt + Jordan, Ivana Muller, general fall mania/nostalgia, bourbon.

 What were you thinking about when you made what you’re sharing?
“Exit”: Appropriation art, performance presence, repetition, how to exit and stay onstage at the same time.
“This Is Your Fuel”: Inflammatory statements, institutional critique, overloaded improvisation, tactical thinking, magic.
What’s something that folks might not know about you?  
I am obsessed with the Enneagram.
What do you do when you’re not writing/dancing/singing?
Typing like a machine, doing admin for choreographers, hot yoga, reading books, making soup, riding the bus.
Come see Emily dance at Small Art, this Friday night in St. Paul. RSVP at

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