Moving {And a giveaway}

No– don’t worry. I’m not moving houses again. In fact, I’m quite settled in and don’t have plans to ever go anywhere.

I am moving blog spaces. But, WHHHHY, Laura?? Stop making so many changes!  Ben and I are getting ready to unveil our new business website, and I’ve been looking for a blog home that corresponds more with what’s going on with our business, McGinley Motion. And, quite frankly, I’m not a fan that WordPress puts ads on their blogs. I have to PAY to get those ads you see taken off! I’ve taken most of these posts and moved them over to a new blogger home. Parts of it are still in progress, but I’m close enough to make the switchover.


Thanks to all of you who have supported and promoted this little blog, and celebrated the artists who I’ve written about on it. To thank you {And celebrate CHANGE}, I’m giving away a copy of this kickass calendar from Laura Brown Art, and a book of poems by Brad Liening– who made me laugh until my abs hurt at Small Art Friday night. You can find out more here. See you on the flip side!

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