Small Art: a living room series

I’ve wanted to curate a performance series for over a year now. My requirements? Performers from multiple disciplines, so that the audience isn’t sitting through 90 minutes of one thing. Or even an hour. At least some kind of visual art element (preferably one that can be easily purchased). Beer and wine, because shows are more fun that way.

When my singer/songwriter friend Kristen Graves told me she was coming to town– and then wondered if we’d offer up our house for a concert– I figured it would be a fun way to hear Kristen, as well as motivation to unpack any remaining boxes from our move.  Then I decided to invite a couple more folks to perform: my friend Brad Liening, who writes poetry about celebrities (among other things). And choreographer Emily Gastineau, who does a lot of living room dance performances (modern/post-modern dance). There will be visual art showing on the first floor of the duplex, too.

So, November 30: Ben and I will bring the beer and wine, you bring some money for the performers and sit in our living room. I’ll be posting more little updates about the artists and what to expect. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and want to come, drop me a line at


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