When Life Imitates Art

Meronymy closed on Sunday, and I followed through on my Red Eye post-show ritual of performing a karaoke number at the bar around the corner (Neil Diamond- but NOT Sweet Caroline). Afterwards, Ben and I talked about how daily life has been strangely mirroring Meronymy. In the show, everything involves, refers to, and is represented by a house. The dialogue echoes images of house and home constantly. Meanwhile, we’ve been moving into a new house, and have found ourselves thinking about the (to us) strangest shit:

Paint tones. Cabinets. Rugs. Lighting.



Maybe some people are naturally wired to know how to discuss color with the man at the hardware store, but I am not this person. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT HAS GREEN UNDERTONES? The bottom line for first-time painters: it never looks like it does on that little tiny square of paper at the store. And, when you slap something dark on a huge wall, it’s equal parts scary and awesome. Also: put two super opinionated people in a room and get them to decide on a paint color. I DARE YOU.

But, the painting is over, and our marriage made it through the decisions involved. Although other parts of the house are still very much in progress, I’m liking what I see! We specifically moved because we thought this would be a great creative space. It has loads of light, office space, and just enough of a living room for tiny performances. The task of bringing it to life- while a bit daunting- it just like creating anything else. Except, you need to know how to talk about fixtures and color tones. I’ll work on that.

I’m moving things back into my newly painted office, and have found a spot for the emergency hula hoops. You know, in case I (or a client) find myself in a creative rut and just need to hula it out. So, you should come over and try them out.

I’ve been thinking about the kitchen cabinets. What about rearranging them?

I bet we could make them more efficient. —Meronymy by Rachel Jendrzejewski



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