More Fun

Ben was out catching up with a friend this past week, and the friend asked a great question: What are you doing these days for fun? Ben didn’t know how to respond. Because, a lot of things we’ve been up to these days have been more out of necessity than fun. Like, painting walls, and raking leaves. And, even though the theatre production I just finished was fun much of the time, It was also hard work.

So, I’ve been thinking about fun. I’ve been thinking about the spontaneous kind, about doing things JUST BECAUSE I like them– which shouldn’t sound so rebellious.

We’ve been good at the fun thing before. It often translates into cooking epic meals for friends, serial television marathons, and experimenting to create the perfect Old Fashioned. I like days wondering through thrift stores without a real agenda, documentaries, reading with a cup of tea, and writing my sister letters– the kind sent with a stamp. I’d like to make time for lunch downtown from a food truck, a Saturday cooking something that takes hours, spontaneous road trips, more wine on my porch, and skyping with my English godkids.

Yesterday, Ben and I had the whole day off together. We walked to get groceries and returned to make brunch– making the kind of food that needs a certain amount of leisure to plan and cook. I sat on the kitchen stool drinking French press coffee and watching Ben flip omelettes. We finished our coffee on the back porch, on one of the most gorgeous fall days we’ve had. It was good.


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