McGinley Motion

It was a little over six months ago that Ben and I noticed that our work lives were starting to intersect more and more. I’ve been increasingly drawn to helping creative entrepreneurs (artists and small business owners) take their big ideas and break them down into concrete next-steps. A big part of this is helping these creatives figure out how to better talk about themselves (what sets them apart?) and their work (who is it for?).

Ben’s love is storytelling through video. He’s worked with clients ranging from theatre ensembles to television networks with many of the same goals– connecting their story to an audience. But also, strategizing the most effective way of doing this. He has a knack for talking to people with idea overload and helping them realize their vision in a way that also produces some pretty, pretty video.

So- we joined forces! And, we created McGinley Motion. The strange thing about setting up a business is that their are so many logistics to take care of. Sometimes you forget that you will actually- one day- be able to focus (mostly) on doing business! Until then, there are accountants to talk to, LLC’s to figure out, websites to design, names to register (did you know that you need to get your business name printed in the paper for it to be official? No joke.), tax ID’s to attain, and business accounts to open.

Easily the most important part was the branding work we did with Kathleen and Tara at Braid Creative. They helped us clarify our own business story using the Braid Method, so that we were able to get specific about what we want to do and who we want to do it for. Like many creative people, Ben and I deal with our own idea overload. They helped us sort through it all and find a logical way of progressing into our new endeavor.

We’re just now at the point where I’m seeing past the logistics and into the work. Yes, certain logistics (accounting, packaging services, returning emails) will always be there. But, the important work is starting to present itself. And the people that this brings me into contact with are inspiring. They are gosh darn smart and full of sparkly ideas, and I’m thrilled to help them dig in and get some momentum.

Keep your eyes peeled- we’re excited (in the best, slightly frightened way) for what’s to come.

[Photo from the instagram feed of the talented and delightful Emma Freeman.]



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