Happy Friday!

Exciting things:

  • According to the Star Tribune, there are over 916 performances happening in the Twin Cities this weekend. Check it! One of them is Meronymy, opening tonight at the Red Eye. I love this play. And, the cast is completely stellar.
  • I am not a parent, nor have I any plans to be one in the near future. But, I have often wondered how being a creative freelancer and parenthood might go together. I’ve been listening to Comedy Suitcases’ podcast Pratfalls of Parenting lately, which addresses this very dilema. This week Levi interviewed Kate O’Reilly– aka Clever Kate. She’s wonderful. The end.
  • As the election draws close, I’m getting more and more excited to vote. Specifically, to vote NO. This email exchange about marriage equality, posted on Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw’s blog, is fantastic. Minnesotans, I have many dear friends that would be discriminated against were this amendment to pass. Please support all families this November!

  • While the website for our new business, McGinley Motion is getting finished up (copy and photos completed this week!), you can check out our facebook page. More on the baby steps of starting a business next week…

Have a wonderful weekend. I plan on taking all of this gorgeous fall daylight and bottling it up.



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