The Week Before Tech: a metaphor for our lives?

Hello! I’m alive! This blog has been shoved aside while we’ve been packing boxes, and unpacking boxes, and picking out paint colors (and then discovering we know nothing about picking paint colors), and having business photos taken. But, I think it’s safe to say that it’s coming BACK! Which is good, because I’ve grown to like it.

This week we’re in tech for MERONYMY at Red Eye. If you’ve been through tech weeks, you know that they are full of stop and starts, repeats, constant adjustments, and lots of tweaking of transitions. The days are long and exhausting for the actors– but probably even more so for the lighting and sound folks who are making the magic happen (not to mention the director).

But, last week I was thinking that the week before tech is the hardest, really. It’s the week where you really have to analyze the structure of what you’re working on, to make sure you’re ready for tech. It’s the week where you pull things apart and put them back together a new way. It’s the final push of the hard work. And, then I realized that this is a great metaphor for whatever we’re working on in life– you know, not just art things, but life things. Like big transitions. You put your head down and work hard, and then you realize that you have 1 more week until tech. And, this is stressful on one hand, but it’s also really hopeful– you’ve done the work, you’re almost there, and the lighting artist is going to make the work look really beautiful on stage. Woohoo!

But, it’s also the point where it’s very easy to lose perspective. Did I do good work? Is there still more work to do than I’m going to be able to get done? Is the end really in sight?

I have a lot of buddies going through big transitions, and also working through big uncertainties. Man, they are DOING the work (not all painful work– some of it is really joyful work, actually). A lot of them (myself included) are having moments of ‘Is this really going to work out and be worth all of the work I’m putting into it?’.

I’m thinking it is. I’m thinking that all of the positive actions that we put into building something (or simply moving forward in our lives) matter, and eventually take shape–maybe just when you think they won’t. It’s that week-before- tech moment, where you start to wonder. But, tech week, friends…I see it ahead. It doesn’t mean the work is finished, but it does mean that we’re getting there. Maybe we can all breathe just a bit deeper.


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