Camp Patience

Last year for my 29th birthday, I asked the birthday fairy for some life clarity and a pair of balls (side note: why do we associate testicles with bravery?). I got them! That was really nice. For my 30th birthday, I’ve asked for patience. Because, It’s tricky when you get clarity, see what you want, and then realize that it’s not going to happen overnight. If you’re a type-A control freak (*cough*) it’s especially hard.

As I was packing and gathering boxes for our second move, and feeling frustrated that life events were preventing me from focusing on things like our business website, my inner whine started in. Why are we alllllways in transition? Why is there alllllways so much change going on? And then I realized: dude, life is just one big transition. Or, at least it tends to be when you’re a creative, ambitious type with a lot of ideas about the life you want to live.  As my wise and awesome older sister once reminded me, creating the life you imagine is totally possible, and it’s also damn hard work.

But, I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity.

While I wait for the birthday fairy to drop some patience off at my door, I’ve been trying the following:

:: Looking at written reminders of the things I’m working towards, and the baby steps I need to go through to get there. Fast or slow, it helps me see where I’m going and not get muddy in the process. [Note: these directions might change– that’s ok, too.]

:: Putting energy towards the things that are going to give me the most momentum and/or make me feel like I’m making the most progress. I am one person. I can’t do it all at once, and when I try, everything turns to shit. But, taking action and accomplishing something that’s furthering my goals feels great, and that great feeling propels me further. [I try to remember that] I’d rather accomplish one things solidly (a chunk of a website, unpacking my closet) than do eight things half-assly. And, if I’m tired and not doing things efficiently, it’s better for me to take a break than to keep moving along ineffectively.

:: Practicing perspective. Damn, it’s really hard. But, is anyone going to die if my website is up 2 weeks later? No. Is my house going to be a mess of boxes forever? Will it be an eternity before I have time to take a yoga class again? Not if I prioritize it. In the grand scheme, everything is really ok. Heck, everything is great.

I listened to this David Foster Wallace commencement address this morning, and the timing couldn’t be better. Amidst transition, a desire for Camp Patience and Camp Perspective, these words ring so true. Listen up– life is short, so let’s not miss it. [You can find Part 2 of the address here.]

Photos from our Chicago pit stop on the way home from visiting Ohio family.


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