Rory Gordon Photo: Video Scholarship!

I continue to get excited about creative businesses I see sprouting up all over. It seems that many of us want the freedom to work for ourselves, and the ability to use our creative mojo to help other people. Enter: Rory Gordon. I first saw her work on the Braid Creative website, and loved the video essay she created to tell the story of Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street’s business. She also caught my eye with this great video she did for Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding.

Good news! She’s giving back to small businesses (artists- you’re a business, too!) by creating a video scholarship. She’s giving away a free video essay each year to one creative business– a 2-3 minute video essay to use on your website to tell the story of what you do.

Rory’s based out of Southern California, but is working on raising the money to cover travel costs (at this time they will be paid by the scholarship recipient– STILL a great deal). You can find the application here. Entries will be accepted until December 1.


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