I was going to write about purging. We’ve been planning (for almost 4 months) to move to a larger living space with more work-at-home space, and moving day is tomorrow. The house is over the river in a strange place they call…St. Paul?


The best part of moving is the sorting and ridding of clutter. This week we cleaned, threw out, and sent a whole carload of things over to Savers. You know, that shirt that I always think I will wear, but never want to. Dishes that don’t get used. Knickknacks that someone gifted me, but which have never been my taste. It turns out that I don’t need many things. I’d be happy to wear a Laura uniform each day (with 32 pieces of flair, of course), and drink out of the same mug. I just want the things I love on the wall, like the photos my friend Avye took and framed as a wedding gift.

So, it was a house cleanse. And, I breathed easier after I gave away boxes and boxes of things.

But, then we got some bad news. Our moving process is…changing. We have a sick family member. He’ll be ok, but this news is delaying our moving process by at least a month. So, tomorrow when we move out of our sweet little apartment (the cutest apartment), we’re moving to the suburbs. No joke: The far north ‘burbs- in with my in-laws for the month.

We’re trying to look at this like an adventure. It could be undercover research for a post-modern dance piece! I mean, I’ve never lived in the suburbs.

In reality, it’s a challenging change-of-plans, and we’re worried about our sick family member.

BUT, it’s proving to be a beautiful little lesson: you can plan the shit out of life, and life will still surprise you. And, sometimes this is good. I think it calls us to be more present- to drop out obsessive plans and just let.go. There is only so much that you can control, and this is true for artistic process, your business plans, and your daily existence. You can show up and do your work every day, but there is a piece that is still totally outside of you and those plans. And, this is both the bitch of being human, and the total beauty of it.


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