Starting: Dances Made To Order

Remember Dances Made To Order? Well, the Minneapolis edition has started!  Specifically, it started Friday morning, when Ben and I received the results of the voting from audience members. We discovered that we have to somehow incorporate the following words/ideas into our dance film:

  • wabi-sabi
  • real/false
  • left behind

We have 2 weeks to shoot and edit our 5-6 minute film.

Well, where do you start?

All we really knew in the beginning was that we had two great performers lined up: Charles Campbell and Megan Mayer.  We needed locations to shoot in (most public locations require permission and specific planning), a script, music that we could get rights to, movement, and…to incorporate the ideas that were voted on.

So we started with a rehearsal where we talked and wrote a lot, and did strange movement improvisations.

And, we played with objects that may or may not end up being a part of the film.

We finally have a working structure to the piece, and I’m creating a script and movement for when we start shooting tomorrow.

I confess: In the more-or-less year long break that I’ve taken from making things, I haven’t had to think on my feet the way that I do in rehearsal situations.  I had a brief moment of panic as I walked into the space for our first meeting Friday night. I thought oh my god I might faaaaaail, which is such a self-defeating way of beginning things, because it totally freezes your brain.

Also, when you’re collaborating, you have to come to some kind of agreement with your collaborator. When you’re collaborating with your partner/husband/spouse person, if raises those stakes. There’s nothing so sexy as going over your shot list for a rehearsal late at night, and reminding your partner about the list of obscure props he needs to somehow locate while you’re at work.

But…here we go. And I think it promises to be fun– or at least scary in the best way.

{You can see the trailer for the Minneapolis edition here. It appears that a fake-sexy wink is not something I should keep in my acting repertoire.}


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