Summer has caused a complete revamp of my schedule.  I have a new serving gig twice a week, I’m teaching again, and I’m back in rehearsal.  Family vacations and the weddings of dear friends have had me frequently out of town, and we’re getting ready to move across the river to a new neighborhood.

The bottom line: every week has been different.  My routines are missing.  And, I’m a person who thrives on a certain amount of routine, especially because Ben and I have work schedules that fluctuate a lot by nature.  Creativity brings its share of chaos and unpredictability, but I like to keep certain life things very much the same on a daily basis. For instance, I get up early and sit with my coffee every morning, even now that I don’t start work at 7:30 am.  And, most nights Ben and I cook dinner together.

So, I’m searching for more anchors like that- new habits and things that I can rely on always staying the same. It’s reassuring.

What do you do every single day?


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