Dances- Made To Order!

Ben’s last dance film {Photo by Megan Mayer}

Ben and I are very excited to take part in a national dance film series- Dances Made To Order.  The Minneapolis edition (our film, as well as films by choreographers Kenna-Camara Cottman and Pramila Vasudevan) will be posted on the Dances Made To Order website on July 25.  You can buy a ticket to see all 3 Minneapolis films for $10, or get a season subscription to the series (33 films) for $50.

Here’s the really, really awesome thing: you can vote on what kind of film we make.  From June 27 through July 5 you can vote on the ideas that inspire our film by going to the Dances Made To Order website!  We then have 2 weeks to make our film.

I love the idea of ordering up what you want to view.  And, as an artist, I love working with restrictions– knowing that I have a set framework.  It’s much more liberating than having endless possibilities (for me).

Dances Made To Order is interested in finding new ways of funding the arts.  65% of ticket revenue goes back to the artists, and 10% to the city’s curator.  I strongly believe that creative people need to do just this– get creative about ways of producing, funding, and making work.  It’s so exciting to see (and be a part of ) a series that is committed to doing this.

Please contact me if you want more information about the series!

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