Connecting with audiences: the magic of the micro-share

Instagram from our last dance/film collaboration

Back in December I attended the Minneapolis/St. Paul Social Media Breakfast, and the theme of the day was entrepreneurship.  Among the speakers was my friend, Kate O’Reilly, a local publicist.  She was talking about ways of connecting your brand with your audience, especially in a day and age when time is scarce, but we have so many different options for connecting.  She noted that it’s not necessary to take the time to blog about everything you’re doing– you can micro-share.  Options like twitter and instagram give us ways of telling a story with a single photo or a 140 character message.  You can document rehearsal, a client meeting at the park, a visit to the farmer’s market, or your project research.  I would even argue that a single picture or a tweet can craft a stronger story than pages of words– and it obviously takes less time.

My new twitter-to-real-life friend, print maker Laura Brown, instagrammed her way through making a book while in residence at New York’s Women’s Studio Workshop.  With the hashtag ‘lady art camp’, we followed behind the scenes of her journey.  Recently Laura told me that, when she returned to Minnesota, it really did feel like people were more connected to her work and the story of what she had been creating.

I especially love the idea of micro-sharing for artists, because it’s hard to communicate process to an audience.  And, it gives a fun challenge– how do we find the story of our art and make it shareable?



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