Lately I keep being gobsmacked by new discoveries.  Also, the just-plain-magical feeling of being a bit more awake in the world than previously.  The little things feel incredibly important: cooking dinner, talking to someone I’m serving coffee to, walks around the neighborhood.  Everything feels like it has the potential to make me see the world in a new way.  I was reminded of this text that we used in my show I Like You last summer.  It originally comes from a Fresh Air interview with David Sedaris.

Hugh and I spend the summer in Normandy. And—and I discovered—well, I say discovered, but they already existed— spiders. And I am so incredibly interested in spiders now. And at this moment, at our house in Normandy, there’s probably eight hundred spiders in the house. And there’s one —it’s a kind of a spider that’s the shape and size of an unshelled peanut with legs on it. The Taganoria Gigantia. And feeding these spiders and recording their habits, and studying them under a micropho—um, under a microscope—it’s changed my life, and—but I didn’t know the day before I saw a  fly, fly into a web, and be eaten by a spider, I didn’t know that this would be a huge passion in my life. And I just think that’s so exciting that we have that ability to—to embrace things that we don’t even see coming. I mean, it really is—it sounds kinda corny, but it’s a reason to live. And—and who knows what it might be next. I mean, I’d be surprised if all the sudden I got into that, uh, footboxing. You know, like, that would be a real surprise to me. But who knows, I, there could be something tomorrow, or—well, actually, I have my hands full with the spiders right now, so, something could happen ten, fifteen years from now, um, that might cause me to look at the world in a completely different way.

[Photos by the wonderful Megan Mayer.]


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