Winter Retreat 2012

Last night Ben won $18 playing BINGO at a small-town Wisconsin bar called The Thirsty Otter.  There is something totally lovely about eating fried food served by the nicest bartender in the world (Kevin!), while a woman in rhinestone-covered jeans calls BINGO from a fake grass hut in the corner of the room.

It was our goal to get away more often, and we’re lucky to have a family cabin in Wisconsin.  I thought it would be a winter retreat where we’d walk on an ice-covered lake. Little did we know that it would be seventy degrees out.  So, it’s SPRING BREAK, baby!  …Wisconsin style.  Actually, it is Spring break at the school I’m choreographing at.  So, we packed up the cats and took work with us (Ben is editing, and I’m doing a lot of 5-6-7-8 numbers that may or may not include jazz hands).

But, the most important part of the get-away?  Space to make plans.  It’s really hard to get perspective on the projects I’m working on during day-to-day life, which is pretty packed right now.  There is just enough time to take deep breaths and fit in some laundry and quality relax time.  But, big perspective planning?  Not really.

So, I’m helping Ben complete some business exercises and make goals for the upcoming year.  And he is helping me clarify my process of working with clients.  Good exchange, right?  And, in between we take breaks to make fires and take saunas and drink gin & tonics.

And the big ideas?  Well, they are making me pretty giddy.  The world feels full of possibility right now.



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