The Things You Make

I count myself exceptionally lucky; I get to constantly watch people take creative ideas and put them into action.  These people make dances and plays, but also chocolate, sewn creations out of neckties, photographs,  burlesque performances orchestral music, movies, and posters.  Some make businesses, or put together events, like ARTCRANK, or start theatre companies (yay, Liz!).   You all keep me so inspired.

Bottom line: creativity is magic, whether you’re making a recipe, a wedding, or a post-modern dance piece.  Something incredible happens when we decide to do something- when we act.

I want to hear about that magic, and I’m inviting you to write about it.  You might make art-like things for a living, or you might make…dinner.  I’m interested in what you make and why.  

If you’d like to share the story of something you’ve made, please email it to Laura at mildlyminnesotan[at]gmail[dot]com

By doing so, you give me permission to edit your writing, and post it on Mildly Minnesotan.

Tell us what did you made and why (keep it to one specific instance, rather than all of your creative experiences).

Address any or none of the following about your experience: What was hard?  What was exciting? Was it rewarding in the end?  Why or why not?  What did you learn?  What are you still uncertain of?

Please keep your writing under 700 words.  Send a photo or two if you like.

Why? I want an opportunity for us to write about our creative work, without needing to promote ourselves or methodically articulate grant-style.  I’m interested most in the impulse to create- the itch to make something out of nothing- and the community we can create by sharing this.

So- what do you make?

photos: things i’ve made {in order: Slap!, How Jane Learned To Count, Forks!, They Exchanged Business Cards (like bra sizes).  photos by Scott Pakudaitis and Alexa Jones.}


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