The Babbling Brook of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I pretty much like any excuse- commercial or non-  to say HEY!  Let’s hear it for LOVE!  Because loving is one of the nicest things.  It’s made me more vulnerable and more kind, and it’s helped me lose my hard, cynical edge– well, mostly.

There are plenty of things that still made me uncomfortable about love in my early 20’s.  Like pet names, and public declarations of love.  And then I started dating my friend Ben, who I’d known for a couple of years.  Ben loves so many people and things– he meets people, and just falls for them.  He loves dogs and sunsets and driving listening the just the right song.

I like lists.

It’s a good thing that I met him, or my heart might just have turned into a lump of coal.

For our first Valentine’s Day, Ben, who was dabbling in creating movies featuring angel food cake vomit and other such fun, made me this movie: The Babbling Brook of Love.  It was specially made to trigger all of my love discomfort buttons, starting with the title that refers to me as ‘his little koala’.  Pretty much the best gift ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I wish you a babbling brook of love.


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