In the past year, we had lots of dear friends move away to far-away places: Austin, New York, Los Angeles.

It so happens that Ben and I love to travel.  It also so happens that we’re great at making excuses for why we don’t: the money, the time, the family plans that keep coming up.  It’s harder to travel when you are a freelancer/small business owner team, in that paid time off is never an option.  However, it also means that we can pretty much make our own schedules.

So, when we discovered that our LA friends had several days off in the middle of the week, we decided to take advantage.

I had forgotten the perspective that goes hand-in-hand with travel, leaving cold, grey Minnesota and finding palm trees and sand on the other side.  It makes me dreamy.  It zooms me out of my life, which usually feels so gosh darn immediate.

It was a way-too-short baby vacation, but it was vacation.  Because we were visiting foodie friends, we ate a silly amount: Korean food, Malaysian food, Caribbean food.  I even learned to make homemade pasta.  We sat around talking, and drank coffee and scotch and wine.  And, that’s pretty much the best.

pasta drying, of course

Our friends who moved away are doing big things, and wresting with big new plans, each in their separate part of the country.  They are contemplating jobs and having babies and wondering how to make friends, and having big conversations.  And, getting to see some of it in action, I got it.  I truly miss them, but I’m thrilled for their adventures (and plan to make some of my own).

judy + aggie, our hosts


2 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. I love you so! So glad you got to soak in some sunshine, scotch and loved ones. We miss you all the time, you two. Let’s find an excuse to get you down to Texas soon… The tacos alone will change your life. 🙂

    • Tacos aside, I want time with YOU and Justin! I miss you two so much & think of you often for all the right random reasons. That said, I’m sure the tacos are NUTS! Ben and I were just talking about Austin. I think we need to make some plans… xoxo

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