Scene + Heard

This week I watched the Creative Mornings Portland lecture with Kate Bingaman Burt, and I got pretty gosh darn excited.  Drop everything and go watch!  She is a visual artist and designer who works with an assignment-based method for generating work {MY FAVORITE!}, which she refers to as  ‘automated directives’ or ‘rule systems’.  Meaning, she gives herself really strict parameters for working {i.e.- she drew all of her credit card statements until her debt was paid off} and works on this every day.  I love it because she’s really prolific, and because she and her process are perfect example of the benefits found in doing the work.  I’m so smitten!

On the State of the Arts blog, Marianne Combs discussed the issue of artists struggling for affordable rehearsal and performance space.  It reminds me a conversation I had with choreographer Stuart Pimsler, who told me that when he lived in New York, he and his dance friends used to make and show all of their work in their apartments or other similar free spaces.  I’m excited to see how we all get creative.

And, on a similar note, critic Max Sparber wrote this article about Minnesota artists making a living.  One might call the article depressing, but I find it hopeful.  With so many artists and arts organizations, we are sure to start finding some more sustainable ways of producing work.

Today I found this interview  with The Jealous Curator on Sweet Station.  The Jealous Curator (aka Danielle Krysa) is a visual artist who was continually finding herself looking-jealously- at the work of other artists, which she describes as “unbelievably inspiring, and totally soul-crushing all at the same time.”  She decided to make a blog out of her jealousy, which turned into admiration in the process.  I love this.  I can relate to this: As I’ve been turning more of my attention towards promoting & supporting the work of other artists, my own art-making has flourished in the process.  I do my work, they do their’s, and I realize that there’s room for both of us.  Fun!

Twin Cities folk: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown {which was the first thing I ever choreographed professionally, so I have a major soft spot} opens at Bloomington Civic Theatre, and you should go see it!  I’m very excited that it features some buddies of mine.

Have a great weekend!  I’m taking care of my brother-in-law Max, who happens to be a dog.  Last night on our walk, we got lost after dark in a gated community.  Believe it or not, this can be a lot scarier than the woods.  Hopefully we’ll do better today.


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