And then we watched lanterns float over Lake Superior

(I know, it sounds like a Death Cab For Cutie song.)

It's hard to get excited about Lake Calhoun after this

Just before I turned 16, my family moved from London, Ohio to Marquette, Michigan.  We had vacationed in Marquette, and we fell in love.  So, my parents decided we should move there.  It is a pretty incredible place.  It gets tons of snow!  We used to have to shovel our roof off each winter to keep it from caving in.  And, living on Lake Superior?  Well, it’s fantastic.

Duet: stern Ben and rock

One of the best parts of moving to Marquette was meeting my friend April in high school Junior year.  She is my oldest friend, and she is magical.  In high school, she was the kind of person who was nice to (and liked by) everyone, especially new kids like me.   She’s a lover and a dreamer.  April likes to fantasize about Paris, while I fantasize about…ways of organizing my life.  My pragmatic self appreciates her romanticism.

So, while in Marquette this week, Ben and I went to see April and meet her partner, Jeff.  That was a little nerve-wracking, because, well, what if I didn’t like him?  You never know.

lighting the lantern's fuel source-- which inflates it

But, Jeff is fantastic, and I could instantly see that he is the perfect partner for April, and it was a great night!  You talk to some people, and your heart feels gigantic, and you miss them before you even leave.  Just as we were about to part ways, April and Jeff remembered that they’d brought Sky Lanterns with them.

letting go

I had no idea what they were talking about, and assumed we were going to light some lanterns and hold them next to the water at the harbor.  But, we lit little tiny parachutes that floated over Lake Superior.  I felt like a little kid- it was such a joyful moment, watching them all float up.  I have plans to buy a bunch of these.  Maybe you want to, too?

over the lake

I wish you a bright new year.


2 thoughts on “And then we watched lanterns float over Lake Superior

    • April swears that they are 100% biodegradable, which made me feel a lot better about the fact that they would (eventually) drop into Lake Superior. We should buy some, Jones!

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