Brand New

We spent Christmas with Ben’s family making fires, indulgent food, and experimental cocktails in a house overlooking a frozen lake.  It was hard to pry myself out of my new flannel pajama pants today.

Tomorrow we fly to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where my family moved when I was sixteen.  Now it’s home to just my Mom and her husband.  Returning to Marquette, I often imagine it as it was when I left to go to college at 17– a hippie haven surrounded by the stunning Lake Superior; a place that’s full of many family memories.  Now it’s just a part of my family picture.  And maybe, as we all grow older, the holidays become this for us- an opportunity to examine the similarities and differences between how we imagine family and childhood, and it’s actualities–and even possibilites.  I think of this now that I have my own family and home here in Minneapolis.  It’s been 2 1/2 years since I was in Michigan, and I wonder what it will look like when I return.  I feel like it’s an important place to visit as I end 2011.

My dear friend Betsy and her wonderful sister Molly have a tradition for New Years of deciding on three words that best describe the year past, and three for the year ahead.  I love this, and eagerly await deciding on my words.  It’s pretty magnificent to think of a new year with a clean slate, especially as I look back on the jam-packed, epic year that was 2011– not bad or good, but a series of ebb and flow, frustration and giganticness.  I can’t wait to see what 2012 will hold.

So, what would your 3 words be?


2 thoughts on “Brand New

  1. Yay for Laurabalah shoutout!

    2011 – partnership, sunshine, Littlejeans. 2012 – friendship, balance, Bubbles.

    2012 just feels good so far, doesn’t it?

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