I have a friend Peter, who is pretty much awesome in more ways that I can write.  He has been kind enough to perform in several pieces that I’ve make, and he spun records at our wedding.  His DJ name is DJ Tell It To My Heart.  Enough said, right?

When Peter and I were working on the piece I made in June, I was fairly anxiety-ridden.  Actually, I was a mess, because the pressure of making a wedding and a life and an evening-length performance piece at the same time was way too high.  Peter was full of pep talks, though.  Peter had a theory, and I told him that I was going to help him publish a series of books to promote it.  Basically, Peter insisted that if your life seemed like a total wreck, it could probably be fixed- or at least improved- very simply.  For example, when everything seems like a giant crisis, you might really just need to eat.  Or, you might need a glass of water.  Or, you might need to get some more sleep.  Basic point: big issues can be corrected with small solutions.

This proved to be the case last week, when an average, albeit grey-weathered, Tuesday appeared to be threatening my new, no-longer-depressed disposition.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Nothing particularly bad had happened.  And yet, I was so tired, and inefficient, and unmotivated.  I scuffled to the grocery store, and thought judgemental thoughts about most of the people on the street, and cursed the cars standing still in a long line of traffic, and bemoaned my fate as I experienced the first-world woe of standing in line at the organic grocery store with my cilantro and grass-fed beef.

I also bought some cheese, because at some point I realized I was wondering the grocery store in the groggy-headed way I only do when I’m hungry.

I ate the cheese as I walked home.  And then, it happened quite suddenly:  I started to personify a wilted flower coming to life.  Life seemed suddenly full of possibility, and the overcast day appeared enchanting.  I smiled compassionately at the people waiting at the bus stop.  “I JUST NEEDED TO EAT, people!!!!”, I wanted to cry out.  “I had low blood suger!”

It really was a relief.

The next day I wrote on Peter’s facebook wall:

Was thinking yesterday that we need to get a jump on publishing your series of Simple Things To Do When Life is Sucking. Yesterday, the two pieces of string cheese I ate turned my life around. 

His response: I hope you are also remembering to get some f*$king sleep and take a f*$king shit! 

I love this guy.

So, if life seems impossible, and it seems difficult to fight for joy, I urge you to consider the following:

*Have you eater recently?

*Are you dehydrated?

*Could you use a walk?

*How is your sleeping these days?

Sometimes, it really is the small things.


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