Things to celebrate: transitions, people, Tom

Once upon a time it was July.

{Summer on a lake trampoline}

It was then that I started this blog to rant about art-making and job loss and transitions- to help me remember what was most exciting to me about life.

It has been a gigantic few months.  A lot of it has been really hard, quite frankly.  I have a shit-ton (yes, that much) of empathy for my friends who deal with chronic depression.  Because, even circumstantial depression has been intense.  However, I’m quite excited to report that a lot of my happy is back.  Life is feeling less overwhelming and more exciting pretty much daily.  Which is amazing.  Because now?  Well, I can get excited again about future projects, adventures, and collaborations.  And, being happy makes loving more fun.  And, loving?  Well, that’s pretty much the best.

I feel that I owe a lot of my ‘happy’- my excitement about life- to the people around me.  There is so much talk these days about shitty people, but I want to write about the fantastic people; The people who are creating, risk-taking, and loving better; The people who are building new businesses, formulating plans, and doing things that sometimes don’t make sense; The people who are going back to school, finding solutions, and insisting on making a living doing what they love; The people who are writing down their stories; The people who are honestly admitting that they have no idea what is next in life for them.  I am so damn inspired by the people around me.

Last weekend B & I had a party.  I got to hear the lovely people that we know here talk about life and plans.  I get so excited by their plans!  And, I also got so excited reading about thoughts from people making and living life elsewhere.  It is giving me the courage to put my own ideas into action…to make big plans.

Here are some of the lovely things I read and saw and did this week:

:: Kate Fridkis writing about why she loves being married (my favorite reason being ‘freedom’- which she beautifully explains).

:: Emma Freeman’s beautiful head shots of my dear friend, Anna.  (Both such talented, gorgeous women!)

:: Molly Wizenberg’s pictures from her European trip.

:: Meg Keene’s writing about the teamwork of marriage.

:: This print from I Like You, which makes me miss living in Marquette.

:: A surprise breakfast-in-bed.

:: Shooting a film with Ben for our Patrick’s Cabaret piece.

:: This writing on arts and capitalism from Minnesota Playlist.

Last, and probably most importantly, I want to mention that yesterday was Tom Poole’s birthday.  Tom was a writer, talent agent, director, and all-around funny and amazing man.  He died- far too early- in July.  I last saw him after our production of I Like You at the Red Eye Theater, where he had come to champion our new work.  He was hit by a headlight-less car that night, after getting off of the bus.  He died a week later.  Monday will be the official community memorial service for Tom.

Tom’s death was a reminder to many of us that life is short and truly magnificent in all of its imperfection and mystery.  I hate that I need those reminders.  I hate that Tom died, because it seems like such a waste.  He was the kind of person that we would all be good to surround ourselves with; we would be good to armor ourselves with wise and irreverent people like Tom, and also to use them as guides.  I think everyone should read (and re-read) this remembrance of Tom, especially the first part shared by Mo Perry.  Tom’s wisdom shines through his thoughts on life, and we’re so lucky to have his words.  Twin Cities folk, the memorial service is Monday at 7:00pm, at the History Theatre in St. Paul.  I have a feeling that there will be as much laughter as there will be tears.  Because, well, Tom was a funny man.

People are amazing.  So, go squeeze one.  Happy weekend.


2 thoughts on “Things to celebrate: transitions, people, Tom

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend’s death.
    And I’m so impressed by this post, and the way you end it. And the way you start it. Beautifully done.

    And thank you for the shout out!


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