Dude Duckface

Ben was in New York last weekend.  It was quiet around here.  I’ve been single for more of my life than coupled & have lived in two apartments by myself, but I’d forgotten how quiet it can be.

So…I made this cake.  

And I found myself square dancing on an uptown street with an awkward 19-year-old boy for my cousin’s wedding celebration.

And I visited the cutest store in Minneapolis, where I may or may not have bought us a new print.

{even the outside of the store is cute}

And, naturally, I took myself to dinner.

But, I still vote that Ben and his buddies had way more fun.  The proof is in the Dude Duck Face.  You see, they made a participatory blog during the one day they were together.  You know what a duck face is, right?  Well, I didn’t.  So, maybe you should check out their new blog.  Bottom line?  That guy I married is fun.


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